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Have you ever wondered what life in a zero gravity environment is like? Or what it is like to live on the I.S.S. Now you can! Thanks to @sphereunlimited 1st Product Release The Liquid Sphere. Although we can’t deliver you to the I.S.S., we can offer you this product which will get you close and save you millions of dollars. By conducting a simple experiment at home, school, or in the office, you can see and feel how water forms in space! For a mere fraction of the cost to travel into space ($29 US) the Liquid Sphere will be yours and in doing so, you can hold a solid/liquid Sphere of water in your hands.

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The Liquid Sphere

The Liquid Sphere will allow you to create an effect with water which, up until now, only occurred in a zero gravity environment. Gather your friends and family so you can Live Like An Astronaut! Learn more about this awesome campaign below.

With The Liquid Sphere You Can:

  • See how water forms in space!
  • A product you can make yourself!
  • Astonish your friends!
  • Help TSU stay online!
  • Help us reach phase 2!
  • Help us become the 1st 3D Online Community!
  • Help us create more Sphere Themed Products!
  • Like The MagnetoSphere!
  • The Snowball!
  • The SphereCreamery!
  • and The AeroSphere!

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