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In The Sphere Universe

See the Universal FAQs page Liquid Sphere to learn more about our first Crowdfunding effort. You can help save the Universe and Live like an Astronaut.

Or ask me @lane-weston in the Social Sphere. But The Universal FAQs section will allow other people to see your questions.

The Universal FAQs Section features an easy to use question submittal form for members of The Universe.

If you don’t have an account in The Sphere Universe there are other ways to send your questions into The Universal FAQs section. Emailing your question to us is easy as well.

The Universal FAQs section is a transitional part of The Sphere Universe. We plan on making it a Q and A for our members at some point in the future. You can submit a question on anything and other TSU members will answer it. The Universal FAQs section will become cool.

About SphereUnlimited

Sphere Unlimited was created by Lane Weston with one goal in mind.

Start a company that will Create cool new products and one day Revolutionize the online world.

How will we get there? Lane came up with a unique approach to New Product Creation called Themed Branding. Everything he creates will have the same Theme and be released under the same Brand. All products he Creates will be in the shape of a Sphere, and all of them will be attributed to SphereUnlimited. His goal is to release multiple Sphere Themed Products in the coming years. Once enough Backing has been given he will infuse a Sphere Theme into The Social Sphere and Create the 1st Interactive Online Community in 3D! It will usher in a new era of web design and increase the entertainment value of the Internet significantly. Help us get there by backing The Interactive Spheres on Kickstarter before time runs out! The more support he gets the faster he can make this concept a reality.

What is The Liquid Sphere?

The Liquid Sphere is SphereUnlimited’s first product release!

It is an experiment you can do at home, school, or in the office. The Liquid Sphere allows you to transform water into a semi-solid state. You can hold it in your hands and if you want, gently toss it to an unsuspecting person… and watch the look on their face when it returns to it’s liquid state. It is a fun experiment anyone can do and the ingredients are organic so you can consume them!

What are the goals of the Campaign?

1. To fully fund
2. To have at least 50 new members in The Sphere Universe.

If we fully fund, I will introduce some cool stretch goals which will include adding some new features to TSU. These features will increase the experience of our members as we attempt to raise awareness for the 1st virtual community in 3D.

What is TSU?

TSU stands for The Sphere Universe.

It is a New Interactive Online Community whose members will be oriented towards Crowdfunding new ideas. TSU offers over 10 different post types to choose from, the ability to create groups, and a whole lot more! Join Today!

What is the Ultimate Goal of TSU?

To become the 1st Interactive Online Community in 3D.

TSU will have a Sphere Theme added to it’s design. Every profile will be contained in a movable Sphere. You will be able to arrange them how you want. You will have featured pages where your favorite Spheres (profiles) and their activity can easily be viewed. Stay tuned for more updates and a visual prototype if The Interactive Spheres reach Phase 2. Please help us get there by Backing the project before time runs out. You can have your name featured in the Hall of Fame and Create your very own Liquid Sphere! Thanks to your Backing we will create this awesome community and you will be credited with helping bring it to life!

Universal Posts

What is the Difference between a Post and Submission?

Posts – you can think of them as standard Universal Posts.
Example: User creates new “Open List”. Other users may contribute to it.

Submissions – They are similar, in behavior, to posts but cannot exist alone.
Example: User adds new “Submission” to an existing “Open List”.

How do I make a new Post?

Here’s how the standard submission process, from post creation to final approval, works:

  1. Select the “Create” button located in the header (desktop) or menu (mobile).
  2. Choose one of available formats (e.g. Create open list).
  3. Upload images or add embeds.
  4. Fill required fields and submit a post for a review.
  5. Now, the submitted post is waiting for approval.
  6. At this stage, you the post author have access to it.
  7. Until you publish this post, it won’t be publicly accessible for all other visitors.

How do I make a new Submission?

Here are steps involved in new contribution process:

  1. Visits one of the existing open lists.
  2. After all items, there’s a new item form.
  3. You can upload an image or add an embed.
  4. Fill required fields and submit an item for a review.
  5. Now, the submitted item is waiting for approval.
  6. At this stage, only you the item author have access to this item.
  7. Until it is published, it won’t be publicly accessible for all other visitors.

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We Are Going Live!

On Kickstarter...

Please Back Us Before Time Runs Out!

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…and I will answer it within 24 hours.

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